Peach Tree Leaves Show the Proof

These pics are of a peach tree treated April 2011. It is located at Bulloch Hall in Roswell, Georgia near the small lake just North of the Building.

It was treated with 1- cubic foot of Worm Castings. These pics were taken April 22, 2012. The small (center leaf) is from a commercial-not organic- orchard in North Central Georgia. The two other larger leaves were harvested on April 28th, 2012.

Via another email, I’ll send a picture of another leaf that was harvested on May 26, 2012. It measures 11.67 square inches in surface area. (The largest leaf in the picture of the three leaves measured 9.70 square inches. The leaf from the commercial orchard measures 3.55 square inches.)

Below is a tracing of three peach tree leaves.  The smallest leaf is from a commerical peach orchard (not organic) picked on 4-28-’12.  The leaf which was traced over the small leaf was picked from a young peach tree treated with 1-cubic foot of Worm Castings during the third week of April 2011.

The larger leaf was picked from the same tree on 5-26-’12. When the tree was first treated with the Worm Castings, it was a sick and dying tree.  Lots of die-back with yellowing leaves.

Today, this same tree is covered with mature leaves no smaller than the 9.7 square inch surface area leaf, with many leaves as large as the 11.67 square inch leaf. For those who would like to see this tree for themselves, it is located near the pond at Bulloch Hall in Roswell, Georgia.