“Trust Your Gut” (Organic Gardening Magazine – vol.59.6 page 76)

This article discusses living organisms in the soil that get ignored; Super-clean = super dead – when we spray synthetic chemical herbicide & fungicides on our soil.

(continuing) … the new buzzword for healthy organic food is “Clean food”; (therefore) we need to redefine what clean really means.
(concludes) by reiterating (theme of article) humans’ guts with living organisms which are responsible for the health of our entire bodies are undervalued/ignored; pesticide using farmers & people using anti-bacterial hand soap & ingesting antibiotics “. . . SHOULD BE A PRECIOUS LAST RESORT IN CASE OF EMERGENCY. (MARIA RODALE, P76)>

I read this before giving to Gwen to read this am; when she returned the magazine to me she said, “THIS ARTICLE SOUNDS LIKE SANDY!!!!”

Bill in Beaufort, South Carolina “Sandy Said It Would”  “A few weeks ago I put some of Sandy’s compost on my small garden. Yesterday, (June 13, 2012) as I was picking my first green beans, I noticed some holes in the leaves. I thought, ‘O man, it looks like I’m going to have to use some insecticide. The Flea-hopper beetles had invaded my garden. But, as I looked closer, I saw something that astonished me. The leaves with the holes were all on the weeds! My bean leaves had NO HOLES in them! Sandy said it would do that!”

Jeff from Cumming, Georgia.  “My small garden has already produced twice the yield this year (2012) after using your compost last fall.”

David’s Garden Gems“Our lawn now feels ‘luscious’ to our bare feet. We started using your compost on our lawn in 2010, and soon decided to ‘fire’ our lawn-care company.
We had a grandson, soon to be born, and we were concerned about exposing him, as well as ourselves, to the chemicals being used.
Our lawn is now the envy of the neighborhood and has been for the past two years. Sandy, thank you.”

Al and Karen of Roswell, Georgia“Sandy, I put your Hen Manure Compost on my flower beds along my front enterance. My Morning Glory went ‘crazy’. They grew larger, and prettier, with more blooms than ever before.”

Glynda from Clarkesville, Georgia“Sandy, my Silver Queen corn, last season (2011) was the best I have ever grown. It was a pleasure not being forced to use insecticides, or even Bt bacteria, to protect my corn from the Corn Ear Worm and other harmful insects. It was a greater pleasure hearing the positive comments from my Farmer’s Market Customers. In fact, I was so pleased with the response of my Blueberries to your Worm Castings (2011) that I am using Worm Castings on my whole farm this year (2012) without using ANY chemical products, at all. I grow about 2500 tomatoes, 1500 peppers, and 2300 blueberry plants and blackberries, several varieties of squash, Silver Queen corn, cucumbers, root crops such as beets, turnups, etc.)

My Silver Queen Corn was so popular at the Farmer’s Markets last year that at the Roswell Riverside Market, for example, on one Saturday, I sold over 500 ears in the first hour and fifteen minutes of the market.

I use the Brix level readings of my produce to know that it is of the highest quality. My Silver Queen corn Brix readings “went over the top” in 2011 with near zero Ear Worm damage. At the peak of production, my Silver Queen corn registered an amazing 36 degrees Brix, (the Brix scale is 0-32 degrees) and was so delicious!”